Making an impact can be difficult as an individual. That’s why Movements removes barriers to supporting human rights by creating one-to-one matches. You can be a human rights ally by matching with activists living in repressive countries and providing them with professional support in your area of expertise. At the Global Support Center, all users will have access to publicly posted offers and requests for help. Movements team members  match each request to Get Help with a Resource Provider with the experience and expertise to  provide the best support. A request for assistance can range from website administration to asking users to send a letter to their Congressperson and anything in between.  
To ensure that users receive high-quality connections, matches are personally monitored by Movements’ team of professionals. These connections allow Requesters and Resource Providers to work together to achieve a common goal.  
Click here if you want to learn more about becoming a Resource Provider.  
Small actions can change the lives of millions - and it all starts with people just like you. Donate to fight for human rights today. Only have a minute? Take action now on urgent human rights issues by signing a petition in solidarity.  

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