began in 2016 as a concept operated by Advancing Human Rights. The relaunch of is more important than ever. The new Movements is nongovernmental, nonpartisan, and singularly focused on promoting the human rights of all people. As such, has no association with previous versions of the platform or its leadership or staff.

Large-scale movements are made possible by many small-scale actions. facilitates individual social actions by connecting on-the-ground civil society and human rights activists with reliable, qualified, and trusted resource providers around the world via a request–offer matching platform. is an online crowdsourcing platform that connects civil society activists and human rights defenders in repressive countries with resource providers from across the world. This is done by capitalizing on a preexisting global network of professional expertise, gives activists inside repressive countries access to the knowledge and resources that they would otherwise be isolated from. This improves the landscape of human rights by creating a secure environment where activists can get rights-based support and resources.

Activists in need post requests by providing a description of the challenge they face and the help they need. Individuals and professional organizations can browse activists requests and choose which campaigns they want to be involved in based on their interest and abilities. Movements matches activists' requests and providers' offer. Once a connection is made, the two sides will work together to achieve their goal.

Movements are made by individual actions, if you are in need of assistance and have a request, please click here and let us know how we can help. If you wish to offer support to activists, please click here to share any skills and interests you may have.

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