is an online crowdsourcing platform that connects civil society activists and human rights defenders with a global network of professional resource providers to advance human rights collaboratively and effectively.

Our philosophy is that large-scale social change/progress is only possible through multiple small-scale actions. We believe that crowdsourcing the fight for global human rights can make the dream of equal human rights a reality. facilitates such individual social actions by connecting on-the-ground civil society and human rights organizations or activists with reliable, qualified, and trusted resource providers around the world via a request–offer matching platform. Through, you can either offer your skills to those in need or seek help from a global network of skilled volunteers.

Activists can post requests for assistance to a global pool of registered resource providers in a range of areas to solicit support for their specific efforts. Movements will then match each request with the most suitable resource provider. Resource providers can also browse requests and respond based on their interests and abilities. Once a connection is made, the two sides will work together to achieve their goal.

This powerful platform makes it possible for human rights defenders to obtain the help and resources they need to advance their efforts while giving professional experts an opportunity to promote human rights in a meaningful way.

You, too, can be a part of our Movement! If you are in need of assistance and have a request, please click here and let us know how we can help. If you wish to be an ally to activists, please click here to share any skills and interests you may have. is a product of Crowdsourcing Human Rights, Inc.

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